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Fruit for thought

I had a great lunch today with J Ian P. She looked fantastic and radiant in her black suite. I loved the look of her hair and the smile that complemented. I wish we could had spent a little more time together but just meeting her for lunch is enough to satisfy my appetite. We had a constructive conversation of our situation. My ultimate thought of our conversation would be the unendurability to lose her in any way or form. Hmm... Am I in denial about the way I truly feel? NO! I know how I feel, it's not denial; it's more of acceptance. The question should be... Will she accept that and embrace me? The choices and decisions we make today will shape our future in our endeavors. Well... let faith and destiny take its toll and hope for the best.

...Think of life as a grain of sand and before you realize it, all the sand had seep through your palm and only then is when we try to grasp hold of the last grain...never letting it go...hoping it never it too late?
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