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WOW! She drove all the way to see me! Lovely outfit today, it did not look like pajamas at all! It's not the distance of travel that wooed me but the mere fact that she took the risk to drive all that way to see me. =) Sushi was good and she's great company to have in any event, whether it's dinning or just hanging around. I felt a kind of bad when I had her wait for me while I was finishing up my work, but I'm glad that she did. The introduction to my staff was one event I will never forget. Everyone said she is fantastic, wonderful, and attractive. This means a great deal to me because I do not share a lot with co-workers. And they are always wondering about my personal life. The trip home was also fantastic I drove her to my place then she drove home from there. The mere fact of being with her and sharing a part of me justifies my affection towards her.

...the first tender touch... the first longing kiss... two hearts finding their destiny creating a love to remember forever...
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