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Another day

I did not get home till about 1:30am from work. I hope the person who has the S14 still available. Hmmm... Chris and Shelly should be back soon they went with their mother somewhere. I can't help but to sit here and think about J Ian. Thinking about all the times we spent together and everyday that is spent with her is truly treasured. When we see each other there is little time, so I try to make the most of that little time we do spend together. I really miss her! I talked to her earlier in the day but I still miss her voice and her laugh. It is so comforting and puts me to ease when I hear from her. Damn, what did I eat today? Lets see... had lugaw, some kind of tempura shrimp, and pancit bihon. Then later on in the day I had some tosilog. Hmmm... that didn't make any sense I should have had tosilog first in the beginning of the day then the lugaw, pancit and shrimp.

...a heart without a a mindless heart living...a living mindless heart is love...
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