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First entry

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ainsley for my account!!!!!

Hey Kim Im sorry to hear that you had a crappy New Years Eve. I was sure you went to the Absolute After Party. Well my New Years Eve sucked the most this year. I had work and didn't get off till about the 2am new years day. But there was a New Years Eve Latin Ball party Wild 94.9 hosted. The shit was phat there was a lot of latin hits with live bands from South America and a few fights arroused durning the event. What would one expect from massive party as such. Never the less, my New Years Eve sucked. Didn't do shit today but sleep, woke up and felt like going back to sleep again. Oh well... Hey Ainsley I want to thank you again for my account if it werent for you this entry would have not been possible... Hahaha sounds like an award speech anyways...
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i love you kev!!